The duo plays a different kind of blues than one might expect, as they go back in time to the beginning of the blues, when Ma Rainey, Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy were making records.
Blues enthusiasts have fallen in line behind the duo’s unique approach to this most American of genres. Bob Weinberg of Jazz and Blues Florida said, “The pair conjure early blues greats such as Memphis Minnie and Charley Patton. Both partners are strong, natural singers. Their repertoire ranges from familiar staples to obscure gems, and their originals sound authentic enough to have emanated from an old 78.”

Blues documentarian George Mitchell said, “Belmont and Jones, in my opinion, is the best traditional, downhome, country blues duo performing today. With every lick on his guitar, you can tell that Belmont has blues in his bones. Jones has one of the most beautiful blues voices I have ever heard.”

Music starts at 7:30 Redd’s Fueling station is located at 2320 West County Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. . Make reservations by calling 850-325-0252

They will be here for the week of the 30a Songwriters Festival #30afest